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Saturday, 25 November 2006

“Ween Al-Bagi” - Thieving Shops

There is an online protest growing at the moment here in Saudi about the practice of shops (such as Carrefour) who never give you your change if it’s less than 1 SAR. Now I know that perhaps that’s not much money, but I bet if you add it up over the year it amounts to a lot. At least Hyperpanda ask if they can give it to charity. Shame on you, Carrefour!
So yesterday when were at Carrefour and our bill was 120.49 SAR I just handed over exactly 120 SAR. The cashier didn’t ask for the change but if he had I intended to say I didn’t have any. It should work both ways, right?

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Anonymous said...

my favorite is when they give you a pack of gum or peanuts as your change. we've tried to pay with packs of gum but they've never been accepted.