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Monday, 27 November 2006

Driving - Tailgaters

One thing I hate about driving here is the tailgaters.
On one of my first drives home from work I was doing 120 km/h down the freeway and this imbecile pulled up to a few inches behind me and started flashing his lights so I’d get out of the way. I didn’t. I drove for at least 5km until he finally turned off. The whole thing was ridiculously dangerous and whilst I know I should have pulled over I didn’t want to send him the wrong signal. Why should his idiotic driving be rewarded? What he really needed was a good kicking.
However…. last night driving home on the highway there was this car that pulled in front of me on the fast lane.

You know where this is going.
I pulled up behind him thinking he’d get the hint. We drove for about 1km like this and he still didn’t pull over. Despite the fact it represented everything I hated I decided I’d flash him.
- As I leaned forward for the stick it felt dirty and wrong.
- As I pulled the stick towards me I hated myself for it.
- I pulled the stick.
- My windscreen was suddenly covered with water.
- I retreated in shame.

My unfamiliarity with my new car saved me from becoming one of those flashing tailgating gits, but I am sure it’s only a matter of time.


Sam said...

For a foreigner...driving here is hell...but you'll get used to it soon. Be careful though...many drivers don't take no for an answer and simply either squeeze themselves through the left shoulder or come around on the slower lanes and swerve infront of you on purpose, often applying brakes to scare/tempt you.

Don't no time you'll find yourself flashing your high beam everytime.

I guess by now you also experienced a few drivers flashing their rear indicators...hope you know what that means around here.

Margrave said...

Thanks for the post Sam. I'm aware of the usage of the hazard lights to warn of slowed traffic. The expat who explained it to me actually rear-ended someone because he was so caught up in using his own hazards / being rear-ended. I am guessing that happens a lot around here.
What gets me is the guys that leave them on even though the entire road had come to a stand still. I mean come on, thanks for the warning mate!
Safe driving!