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Sunday, 5 November 2006

Shit Hospital, the Return

Today I returned to Shit Hospital so that my wife could do her medical for her multiple entry / exit visa. A colleague and his wife also accompanied us so that she too could do hers. My colleague's wife is six months pregnant, so as you can imagine she has a very visible bump.
At the hospital they test women's pee to see if they are pregnant as if they are they should not be X-rayed. So the nurse completed the tests, sauntered up to my colleague's wife and confidently informed her that she wasn't pregnant. We all looked at the bump. We all looked at the nurse. The nurse looked at the bump. His brow furrowed. He went running back to the tubes and did another test. He then came back and said yes, you are right, you are pregnant.
If I get ill, I'm going private.

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Nixf01 said...

I am sooo sorry I've only just discovered this blog! It's hilarious how many of your comments could be applied to my experience as a Brit expat in Paris. Everything from the queue-jumping to the tail gaiting/hazard light flashing, to the flirting with a bloke who is obviously taken and PLEASE don't get me started on the hospitals...

I'm going back now to check the other stuff you've written.The last date I saw was 2007 but I do hope I'm mistaken and that there's some more recent stuff on there

Thanks for blogging!