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Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Lost In Translation #4

What happens in Chub city? Is this where the chubby kids go to play with their toys after an afternoon eating McDonalds?

Chub City

I wish this was the name of a fast food joint, the honesty would be refreshing.


Anonymous said...

U mean Burger King?

Margrave said...

Exactly. Burger King and Chub City should swap names, I think.

Anonymous said...

What do Groovy Girls look like in Saudi Arabia ?

Seroo said...

Margrave, I cannot tell you enough how refreshing it is to read your blog as a foreign expat in Saudi but clearly seeing what other Arabs see in the country... Thanks for writing about all the little things and not recycling old boring stories we read about opressed women and whatnot in the Kingdom...

From a Gulf-ite like myself, it's great reading your point of view because not only is it far more truthful than other accounts, but much, much funnier =)

Snake Oil Baron said...

Where I am from a "chub" or "chubby" is slang for an... engorged bit of male anatomy. There is also a toy doll on the market called a "Chubby Baby" which brings great amusement to the night stock crew in stores when the question arises "Where am I supposed to stick the Chubby?"

Sorry for the lewdness but Chub City sounds like a place to be avoided.

Saudi Jawa said...

There's a small fried chicken restaurant in Makkah that has the English words "Fried C___" in its sign. If you can't figure out what the blanked out word is, here's a hint; its a word that could mean a rooster or a certain bit of male anatomy. Forgive me if I don't provide pics :)

Anonymous said...

Update Please! I've become rather addicted to your Saudi stories.

sim said...

where art thou oh englishman?