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Tuesday, 19 December 2006

Tom and Jerry Fetish

As today has seen the passing on of Joseph Barbera it seems a pertinent moment to reveal Riyadh's (KSA's?) ongoing Tom and Jerry fixation.
It doesn't seem to matter whether its Carrefour, City Plaza, Citymax or any other store. If they have televisions on they will be showing Tom and Jerry. Have you noticed? I love Tom and Jerry so I don't mind, but this is even more pronounced than the Singapore government's Mr Bean fetish.
It's also nice to see that Riyadh isn't the only place where you can get in trouble for looking like Santa. You see, I told you Christmas isn't a religious holiday, it's actually a Disney conspiracy.
A nice example of both English humour and one of English society's problems too. I'm glad you don't see this very often in Saudi Arabia....

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Life Out East said...

Tom and Jerry sounds refreshing, Thailand has an unhealthy love affair with The Eagles. Every bar will play them, every shop plays them at some point, TVs for sale usually have The Eagles live in concert. I'm sure it must be some kind of law that every must get at least one helping of The Eagles daily, more often than not Desperado.
We did go through the Mr Bean fetish here too some years ago.