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Sunday, 24 December 2006

Hail to Queen Teresa

Sales hit the clothing stores last week. Unlike the UK and other western countries, the sales here in Riyadh are still real sales with real bargains to be had.
In Australia I learned what it is to be "Terry", as in "Terry Tight-arse". A "Tight-arse" is someone you need to sedate before you part from their hard earned cash.
As I'm careful with my money and I shop around to make sure I am getting the best deal as far as I am concerned to be "Terry Tight-arse" (as a man) or "Teresa Tight-arse" (as a lady) is something to aspire to, not something to be ashamed of.
As mentioned previously the shopping system in Saudi Arabia is unique. If you are so inclined you could wear your new clothes for a week with the label concealed and still take them back for a refund (I haven't done this yet, honest). This system provides exceptional opportunities to be Terry.
I'd therefore like to extend my congratulations to the Teresa in Mango last week. She had bought a lot of clothes from the store without knowing the sale was starting the next day. My wife was standing behind her in the queue as she returned the clothes and got her refund.... and then immediately grabbed the clothes back from the cashier and bought them back at the sale price. Perhaps there are times when its nice to be hidden behind a full abaya?
Queen Teresa, I salute you!


* Y || said...

wow. i am, erm, speechless.
oh. and merry xmas! :)

Life Out East said...

What a wonderful country. Here in Thailand the "refund" or "exchange" or even "guarantee" is an alien concept that, if mentioned in a store, brings howls of laughter.
Merry Christmas and all the best for the season!

Balqis said...

But I found out why ...

Anonymous said...

that happened in MANGO? Whoah! *bows down to queen teresa*

As far as refunds are concerned, I'm almost certain the only stores that give you that much time are the British brands. (Top shop, River Island, Oasis, Miss Selfridge, Debenhams) you get a whopping FOURTEEN DAYS. I was under the impression that European brands (like Zara, Bershka, Mango, Stradivarius and etc) were too strict. I recall only getting 2 days from one of them and none at all from another.

And, yes I concur, there are times where it's wonderful to have that abaya all over you. especially when the salesman is saudi because that alone turns him on and gets him to bend over backwards for you.. pretty/ugly/fat etc all these are alien concepts. A pretty lady's a pretty lady, who cares what her face looks like. You gotta love at least that about our poor, deprived boys, if nothing else.

ps: merry christmas :-)

Mircea said...


It's the same here in Canada. I returned an opened car radio, no receipt to Walmart after 2 years. They took it back, no questions asked.
For Christmas there are a lot of people buying decorations and bringing them back afterward and almost everybody will match the lowest price for 30 days.

At Costco and other shops you buy the clothes without trying them and if they don't fit you bring them back. Up to 6 months, no questions asked. It's not unusual for girls to buy a dress for a party and bring it back after the party.

Anonymous said...

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