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Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Happy Valentines Day!

The transparent commercialism of Valentines Day bothers me a bit. It's nice if you're single and have your eyes on someone special, but if you're a married man why should you buy roses and a card for your wife on just this one day of the year? Wouldn’t it mean more if you bought them spontaneously? The social pressure makes the gesture hollow.
But… we've been married for many years and due to local customs this is the first time that we've failed to buy each other Valentines Day cards. So now that I can't do it, I am wondering why. I am assuming that it is not religious but rather resistance against Western influence?
Anyway, the lack of Valentines Day action in Saudi Arabia does not bother me. Instead I'm going to let it inspire me.
Let's forget "Happy Valentines Day."
Let's instead say "Be Happy That You're In Love."
And if you aren't that lucky at the moment?
"Be Happy That You Want To Be In Love."


Sand Gets in My Eyes said...

re: no Valentine's Day celebrations - my understanding is that it has as much to do with the Saint in St. Valentine's Day as the perception that it is a day for singles to make their own choices about love and the like. It's serious stuff tho - some local florists shut their doors for the day and most hospital flower/gift shops intentionally do not inventory roses for the days around February 14. Just another crazy way of dealing with things!

Anonymous said...

Hey.. lets forget all the fuss ..& celebrate Love ...& bring more wormth in relationships.

Congrats !!!!! am your 5000th Visitor , am thrilled abt it.

Reader in UAE.

Jay said...

One small gesture of love is by sending flowers. You can check out my Poulsbo Florist for some great deals. ^^

Happy said...

The Valentine's Day history is about love...the main is love:) Let's don't make it commercial - just show it:)And if you want to give a love gift - that's great, but you don't need a reason to do that;)

Anonymous said...

Flowers are the easiest way to win woman's heart spcially if it is Valentines day.