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Saturday, 10 February 2007

Ghutras And More Toilet Humour

Here’s a nice article on Sand Gets In My Eyes that describes the various uses of the ghutra. Tea towel jokes aside, it is a dapper item of clothing (especially the red and white version) and looks good on the Arab men.
When I first arrived in Riyadh I accidentally dried my hands on one hanging in the toilet as I didn’t realise what it was. I’m glad its owner was too busy to notice and from a safe distance I now apologise.
These days I know a lot more about the ghutra and recently discovered yet another of its important functions.
Driving back from Bahrain this weekend I had to stop to use the toilet at the service station. I had been warned that the toilets might not be the most salubrious but I was still dismayed by the strong aromas and explicit visuals that greeted me.
All the toilets were hole-in-the-ground style. There were three cubicles. The first toilet was flooded (not with water) and the second toilet was full to overflowing (not with liquid).
As I carefully considered my options, a chap came out of the third toilet wearing his ghutra tightly wrapped around his nose to block out the smell. I felt a twinge of jealousy and endeavoured to hold my breath as I did battle with the second cubicle.
Once I was done I stumbled out of the cubicle a lighter shade of blue and fled outside at high speed. The desert air has never tasted so sweet. That’s the problem with the desert of course, no trees to hide behind whilst relieving yourself.


Balagan said...

Glad to think I'm not the only person that mistook a Ghutra for a hand towel in the toilets.

Although I actually had a local watching me with a bemused look as I did it, luckily it wasn't his.

Sand Gets in My Eyes said...

Thanks for the link!
I'm hoping you didnt venture into the toilets on the Causeway! Of all the advise folks have given me - and they've given me a lot - avoiding the Causeway toilets at all cost was the best! Oh and btw - the women's toilets are no better - perhaps even worse - than the men's. Yuck yuck yuck!

Anonymous said...

Who needs a toilet in the middle of the desert? Man, you really missed an opportunity to experience the luxury of using the desert as a toilet! Please don’t underestimate this pleasure. Our ancestors have enjoyed it for long time. When the desert winds gently blow underneath you while you are (……), it makes you feel like the nature is applauding what no body will ever applaud you for!

Next time you need a toilet in the causeway in Saudi Arabia, just pull off the road and step out of your car, walk into the desert till you start hearing the beautiful sound of the desert’s silence. After that.. you know what to do..

Try it, and let me know… good luck.

Margrave said...

lol! Alright I'll try it next time. But if something bites me whilst I'm relieving myself you better have some meds ready :-)

Anonymous said...

ha used a dirty public rest room...
let me tell you what I do..and other friends..we go to the nearest resuturant or to a

HOSPITAL and ask for the directions to the bath room..I always do that..and many of my friends do that...its a hospital..its emergency.. loool