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Thursday, 18 January 2007

Western Myths #2: Saudi's Never Cold

"In winter it might get a bit chilly in the evening, so pack a sweater."
Yes, that's the advice we were given before we moved to Riyadh. "A bit chilly." "Occasionally." Well thanks for the advice buddy but several times this winter Riyadh has been colder than London. Yes, colder than London! So if you are going to be here during the (northen hemisphere's) winter, be sure to pack at least two jumpers. And for heaven's sake bring a coat!
If it gets any colder I might start wearing an abaya...


Sweet Anger said...

LOOOOOOL you just happen to be here when riyadh goes through its coldest winter in 6 years...

Just so you know its only just begun, so double your socks and put a t shirt under those two sweaters :D

Balqis said...

Waiting to see how you like it in August :p

Sam said...

Honestly...if KSA hasn't lost any of it's "heat capacity", you're in for a ride in July and August. Hope your car radiator is in tip-top condition.

Margrave said...

I arrived in KSA at the very start of September, stepped out of the airport and my eyeballs instantly melted.
I too am looking forward to July :D