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Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Western Myths #1: Saudi's Dry

Well it's the desert, isn't it? No rain there, right? Wrong! I can't believe how often it's rained in the last month or two. It's like an English summer. They say this year has been unusual but I'm not so sure, perhaps Saudi's not really a desert at all. Maybe it's a conspiracy to keep the English tourists out.

[Edit: See?! It's raining again!]
[Edit: And again!]


* Y || said...

I wondered very hard too when it poured and flooded the UAE last Dec.

Aussie expat said...

We live in the Eastern Province and I very clearly remember the first time we saw rain after we moved here. We were at the beach, my husband and son were diving. The dark clouds rolled in, the thunder and lightning started and it poured and poured and poured. Of course, I stood under cover with my mouth open looking amazed and thus made a complete fool of myself in front of all those people who had been here for ages. "Oh my goodness, I never thought I'd see rain again" or some such silly utterance passed out of my mouth! To which my fellow expats fell about laughing - another clearly marked new arrival!

Sand Gets in My Eyes said...

We keep track of the rain here in the EP - a hang-over from my childhood in Minnesota, I suppose. Last year it rained in March and not again until November. There are few sounds sweeter than rain on the window in the morning, and frankly, it usually results in my husband and I walking around in the rain like little kids! Wait until you've been here longer, and you'll even get excited when that first tiny whisp of a cloud rolls in sometime in October!

Abdullah said...

ok .. your blog is addictive
last winter the government started a project of cloud seeding! it goes like clouds .. airplane with something on the wings that goes bom and rain falls
no need to thank me for the explanation .. i am just glad to help lol