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It is not my intention to denigrate Saudi Arabia or its people. It’s like everywhere else, there is good and there is bad. I would rather focus on the unusual and the humourous. Offence is not intended.

“The country is not perfect. The media cannot be trusted, mistreatment of religious minorities is common and there are some that live in fear.” You can decide for yourself whether that statement is about Saudi Arabia, the UK, or any country for that matter.

To quote the Joker, “Why can’t we all just get along?”

That is all I will say about either subject.

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Lost In Translation #5

Just to show that English can be "lost in translation" even in England:

Fookin Food

The roast duck rice sounds nice, but I have hygiene concerns about their fried rice. Why is it so expensive?...


Sulaiman said...

guess it has to be especially prepared for each individual ...

Margrave said...

Do you think you get to choose your seasoning?

Anonymous said...

This is what happens if you want to save a few pounds - you get crappy translations.

saoirse said...

haha that's funny. Where is that restaurant?

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