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Wednesday, 20 September 2006

Shit Hospital

I had a medical for my visa at a rather run down hospital. They have fantastic private hospitals here, but for the visa we're forced to go specific government ones. I met some very friendly Saudis there but I also saw a Saudi guy slapping and spitting on one of the Nepalese workers. I guess that’s the best and the worst of the Arabs.
I got a shock at the medical because they suddenly asked for stool samples.
Personally, I find that when I move to a new country one of two things always happens. Either I cannot "go" at all, or I cannot stop going.
In this case I was in no position to "go". For some reason though, they demanded it of everyone apart from me. I suppose it has something to do with where you have been living? Anyway, the wife of one of the other guys there went off with her little plastic container to deposit a sample and was away for an age. Then her husband came back and much to everyone's bemusement he asked for a plastic bag. He then went back to see his wife and returned with the plastic bag full of dribbly number twos! It was unbelievable. I had to look away and try not to laugh. What made it even funnier was that the medical staff then went and lost the bag! They actually lost a plastic bag full of crap! The woman's face when she was told she'd have to do it again - priceless!


Anonymous said...

Hilarious, I had the same experience in Jeddah. Never had to poop on command before. I didn't have to go but I learned that with a little sphincter action it is possible to poop just enough to satisfy the public clinic peeps. The bathroom was filthy and in the clinic in Jeddah I didn't see any Saudis, but lots of foreign workers.

Lulua said...

OMG That is the funniest stool experience EVER!!!!

M.F.S said...

The exact same thing happened to me. I had to do the test three times because they lost the first, then left the second one for too long so that it became unacceptable. Very annoying. Not to be rude, but pooping into a tiny plastic cup is hard!

Anonymous said...

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Javier Rodriguez-Vera said...
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Javier Rodriguez-Vera said...

Well, that´s other reason for me to move there: currently, on Southern Portugal things are worst than these events you describe...